Greek food in Greektown on Danforth
One of many Greek restaurants lining the street of Danforth Ave. The highest concentration of restaurants in Canada.

[Contest] Announcing My First Round The World Trip

Taj Mahal in India

Yes, I’m going around the world!! Well maybe… I’m going as far as the money will let me go. Let me tell you the full story about how this came […]


Toronto’s Queen West and Graffiti Alley Taken Over By Hipsters and Street Artists #DiscoverOntario

Toronto Graffiti Alley

Moving from east to west I find myself in the midst of Toronto’s banking and business district with massive skyscrapers towering overhead. But a little further west past Spadina Street, […]


Tasting Toronto’s Greektown on Danforth #DiscoverOntario

Greek food in Greektown on Danforth

Strolling along the well-known Torontonian street of Danforth, the delicious aroma of Greece can be smelt for blocks thus creating the local name of Greektown on Danforth. Known as Taste […]


Toronto Distillery District – Transforming Manufacturing Into Modern Day Tourist Attraction #DiscoverOntario

Toronto Distillery District

A short walk from the original alcohol infused neighbourhood of Corktown, lays the other immensely popular alcohol infused neighbourhood, the Toronto Distillery District. Steeped in traditional dusty brick, the Gooderham […]


The British Museum Transforming the Art Gallery & Museum Experience

Bastille at The British Museum

Standing in the midst of a New York museum or the British Museum, full of people and utter silence, one can quickly become tired of the continuous admiration of “that’s […]


Corktown – Toronto’s Irish and Brewery Heritage #DiscoverOntario

Bright St in Corktown Toronto

Standing in the streets along Toronto’s eastern waterfront, weathered red bricks line the streets of Queen East. Corktown, as its called, is connected to the Irish immigrant movement following the […]


Toronto: A Giant Neighbourhood of Cities #DiscoverOntario

Taste of Danforth in Toronto

A giant inner sigh is let out after battling the endless miles of pavement and crowded noisy rush hour streets. Sitting down on ‘The Rocket’ my shoulders shrug over in […]


Toronto’s CN Tower – Photo Tour of Canada’s Revolving Universe #DiscoverOntario

Toronto's Skyline from Toronto Island at Shopsy's

For the longest time, Canada held claim to the tallest building in the world with Toronto’s CN Tower. In 2007, the CN Tower lost its claim as the world’s tallest […]